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Rachel Heemskerk



Look where I cannot see is an art project by Rachel Heemskerk that relates to events in her life. The central part of the project is a four-minute long film in which Ralph, her schizophrenic brother, plays the leading role.

Ralph lives with The Salvation Army, a flexible care organization. In the film, he is seated in a simple decor with on the wall behind him one of his own art pieces. He appears ready for the interview with his sister. During the conversation, Rachel fishes for shared memories and is searching for a connection with her brother. He, however, always sends the conversation into a new direction, full of confused thoughts without clear connections. “He’s lost his filter,” says the artist, “because of this, he experiences the world so much more differently from me.”

Film, photographs and text are all part of the installation. As such, the movie, in which two people are constantly confusing each other, stands in stark contrast to the two large photo panels of a boy and girl in handstand positions. They are images from Rachel’s childhood that offer a perspective on a brother-sister relationship with apparently little differences between the siblings. Further, the picture book and mural drawing of Ralph whilst counting clouds complete the setting.

In Look where I cannot see, Rachel Heemskerk is able to keep the right distance from her subject. She delivers a striking image of futile efforts of understanding someone who stands close to her. An image in which the madness appears to be taking over control from the norm.

Vertaling/Translation: Dylan Belgrado