Store #6A

Sarah Eyckerman – Saar De Buysere

Visite kaart Galerij Eyckerman De Buysere

Artists Sarah Eyckerman and Saar De Buysere own an imaginative gallery. They sell artwork titles as an ode to fantasy and are active during pop-up events like the upcoming Gent Matinees. You are welcome in Avenue Rooigem 615 for a performance where you get the possibility to come up with an artwork, or in Phoenix Street 148 for a coffee in DAVID store.

An important trump for these art works is the input of the buyer. Since all of the references have been taken away, the buyers decide what image they connect to the title of the work, changing the work they own day after day. How is the lighting today in Mountain landscape with lake? How many members does Family portrait in open air count? Are there any family conflicts that come up in the portrait? Who is that weird man in the background? Is the weather at least somewhat nice?

Eyckerman and De Buysere’s concept is related to artistic research. In search of new titles, the gallery owners travel to libraries and museums in Belgium, but also to some far beyond the borders of the country.

On Sunday October 4, during the Gent Matinees, DAVID Store will present a part of the collection on two locations, both of them living room galleries, on walking distance.

Vertaling/Translation: Dylan Belgrado