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Workshops in the artificial kidney department

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In the AZ Maria Middelares (AZMM), patients and personnel are supported by volunteers of DAVID vzw to observe and react to pieces of art. They are guided through a mini museum and encouraged to evaluate the works on display. The goal is for the participants to think about what they perceive and connect that to what they sense.

It is of upmost importance to reserve time for expressing and processing the evoked emotions. This happens during a therapeutic session with Trui Verhasselt, a Gestalt-therapist. DAVID vzw is convinced that tough issues can be made fit for discussion through looking at and discussing art. The ‘I AM HEARD’ workshop is a way for being heard.


In collaboration with artist Franco Angeloni, participants of I AM HEARD also create a piece of art themselves, more specifically, a ‘My Favorite Gene Jar’. In a guided way, they search and form a word, a personal label with which they identify as a person – and not just as a patient or personnel. This way a sample of labels and colors emerges that form the resources for the jars with genes.


Trui Verhasselt:0485/78.90.17

Astrid DAVID: 0485/93.58.07
This project is supported by the city of Ghent and the Province of East-Flanders.


The hospital AZMM is situated on two campuses: a large campus, Maria Middelares, in Ghent and a smaller campus, Saint-Joseph, in Ghentbrugge. The hospital counts around 1500 members of personnel and 150 doctors. DAVID vzw has been organizing workshops on both campuses since 2013.

The artificial kidney department counts around 135 patients. We aim to work with two to three participants for each hall (seven in total: five in AZ Maria Middelares and two in Saint-Joseph). Up until now, DAVID vzw has already organized thirty workshops, which all went well. The art project provides distraction, entertainment, emotions and transformation on the department. The feedback from the patients to their doctors and personnel is positive.

Algemeen Ziekenhuis Maria Middelares
Kortrijksesteenweg 1026
9000 Gent

Vertaling/Translation: Dylan Belgrado