DAVID vzw is a platform for art and reflection.
In 2011, the multiannual project ‘I AM HURT’ kicked off. The core of the project is the role of art in a healing environment and the healing process.
Running DAVID vzw would be impossible without its volunteers.
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Anthony Cosyns

Artistic collaborator
anthony@david-vzw.be, 0476 51 34 08

Anthony studied real estate brokerage services in Ghent and has been volunteering for our non-profit organisation since December 2015. His interest in and appreciation of art are the result of his upbringing, which resulted in a life as a continuous sensorial process in which hearing, seeing, feeling, making and tasting merge. Anthony also draws and exhibits himself. He is fully behind the mission of DAVID vzw.

Guy Couckhuyt


Guy is highly knowledgeable when it comes to electronics and does not shy away from a challenge. He also draws and paints for a living, is educating himself in animation and has a passion for experimental music. His engagement with DAVID vzw gives him new inspiration for his own projects. He recommends volunteering to everyone.

Astrid David

astrid@david-vzw.be, 0485 93 58 07

Astrid studied art history at Ghent University and is the organisation’s driving force. In 2009, she started a discussion on the ‘condition humaine’, which resulted in the ‘I AM HURT’ project. The debate led to ‘Art as a mirror of the soul’ (2011), the exhibition displaying the man’s literal cry of pain. Meanwhile, DAVID association is slowly but surely growing into an art and reflection platform.

Joachim David

ICT & troubleshooting
joachim@david-vzw.be, 0476 36 44 02

Joachim is a civil engineer at the University of Ghent and believes in the power of images and music in our lives. He is convinced that DAVID vzw deserves a unique place in Ghent’s booming cultural scene. Joachim is DAVID vzw’s IT guy and last-minute problem solver. He continues to participate, think and contribute to this exciting alternative art initiative.

Nathalie De Neve

nathaliedeneve@yahoo.com, 0478 94 27 22

Nathalie studied psychology & Cultural Science at the University of Ghent. She’s currently a copywriter and a creativity coach. The theme of ‘Art in the form of care’ greatly interests her, which made her decide to become a consultant.

Pascal Mortier

pascal.mortier@skynet.be, 09 224 14 14

Pascal has been leading DAVID vzw since the launch of the I AM HURT project. In everyday life, Pascal is a work-related accidents lawyer, an avid art collector and a volunteer with Verkeersslachtoffers vzw, a non-profit organisation that focuses on helping the victims of traffic accidents. His love for art and his passion to help road accident victims come together in the project I AM HURT, for which DAVID vzw can count on his critical input.

Mathias Van Hove

Polyvalent employee
mathias@david-vzw.be, 0487 90 54 37

Mathias studied electronics en now works in the social sector. He comes up with ideas, but also loves to be the handyman. He couldn’t imagine a life without art. Mathias is convinced of the healing of art, which made him decide to join us.