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DAVID vzw promotes contemporary artists and organises exhibitions. The organisation focuses on the relationship between art and care. The current project Art in the waiting room opens up the discussion about the significance of art in new contexts. Art is more than a patch on a wound. Art sustains, art can save lives. As in the epic tale where little David is victorious over the giant Goliath, DAVID vzw believes that a small initiative can bring about great things.

DAVID vzw believes that art could be a complementary module in the existing care provision of psychotherapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and other support teams.

The project Art in the Waiting room relies on a plea for art as a form of care and healing. It lends itself to action and to develop a diverse and broad support for art integrations in healthcare. In this context DAVID vzw is now completing the workshops in the division of artificial kidneys, AZ Maria Middelares hospital.


Art in the Waiting Room

Below you find an overview of accomplished projects in the Waiting Room (2018-2019).


We proudly present the partners helping us in our daily workings.

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