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Rohan Graëffly



Rohan Graëffly (*1975) is a multidisciplinary artist. Regardless the form he chooses, his work usually relates to identity and memory.

Graëffly touches upon these subjects as an iconoclast. He observes the influence on the personality with a particular, almost raw, sense of humor. Diverse media serve his vision on the world, on the everyday and on his incomprehension for the order of things.

The artist debuted in DAVID vzw with two series. Firstly, Paper Flesh, consisting of magazines with models, actors and actresses that he edits into a macabre parade of mannequins. Secondly, Broken Objects or Objets Meurtris, dealing with the pain that is hidden in objects left behind by the loss of their owner. They’re no longer whole; their structure is weakened by fresh open wounds that are still bleeding. The objects are both showpieces and votive offerings at the same time. They remember the pain of sickness and loss after death. They assert the suffering of the objects that lost their original function.

Vertaling/Translation: Dylan Belgrado