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Mother Marilène Coolens (*1953) and daughter Lisa De Boeck (*1985) form the artist duo MEMYMOM. Their fascinating work contains inter-generational photographs and dreamy portraits.

MEMYMOM began as, what the duo describes, the Umbilical Vein in which Lisa played different roles as a child. Marilène stimulated Lisa to express herself through improvised theatre sketches, leading to a large film image archive. In 2004, mother and daughter decided to work together. This did not change much to the objective of the projects, in which Lisa still plays the leading role. However, the attention gradually moves on to a broader story.

On the scene of MEMYMOM, different women appear in a dated setting. They look like fallen angels, like the princess of Klein Kasteeltje in Brussels, namely La Petite Princesse, but also like the lady of the house, from The Lady of the House, and the nurses and nuns, from The Nurse and Nunsense. From a contemporary perspective, we see how gone glory unfolds into multiple stages filled with funny, cynical and disturbing anecdotes. The pictures are characterized by a mysterious atmosphere and depict a postmodern story in which anything goes.

Vertaling/Translation: Dylan Belgrado