Store #6

Private collection and project Engelensport:

Yves Coussement and Honoré d’O


FCielen_magie bourgeoise

During the weekend of 19 until 21 June, you can come and explore the private collection that DAVID vzw collected over the years. In 2012, after having launched a couple of temporary pop-up stores, DAVID vzw decided to open its proper store. During certain weekends, you can visit DAVID Store to look at artworks from a particular artist in a homely setting, with the option to buy some pieces. Competing with the giants of the industry takes some effort, but it is worth it.

In times of stress and burn-outs, we fall down, get up and keep going.

In 2014, Yves Coussement and Honoré d’O suggested to create a piece of art for the hospital AZ Maria Middelares. They designed an installation that joins the principles of Newton’s pendulum with a stream of thoughts on wondrous healings. ‘Engelensport’ will be illustrated by text, information and the absurd story of the contemporary process of the making, presenting and buying or selling of art.

Vertaling/Translation: Dylan Belgrado