DAVID vzw is an platform for art and reflection.
In 2011, the multiannual project I AM HURT was kicked off. The core of the project is the role of art in a ‘healing process’ and a ‘healing environment’.
Running DAVID vzw would be impossible without its volunteers.
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Dylan Belgrado


Eden Colin

Website administrator

Eden Colin studied at the University of Mexico (UAEM). She taught marketing and communication at the UAEM from 2010 to 2012. In 2013, she moved to Ghent with her Belgian husband and two children. She is currently studying Dutch and ended up being part of DAVID vzw thanks to Kompas, an organization that stimulates integration. Eden is responsible for the development of a new website.  

Anthony Cosyns

Artistic collaborator

Anthony studied real estate brokerage services in Ghent and has been volunteering for our non-profit organisation since December 2015. His interest in and appreciation of art are the result of his upbringing, which resulted in a life as a continuous sensorial process in which hearing, seeing, feeling, making and tasting merge. . Anthony draws and exhibits and is convinced of the objective of DAVID vzw.

Astrid David


Astrid studied art history at Ghent University and is the organisation’s driving force. In 2009, she started a discussion on the ‘condition humaine’, which resulted in the I AM HURT project. The debate led to ‘Art as a mirror of the soul’ (2011), the exhibition displaying the man’s literal cry of pain. Meanwhile DAVID association is slowly but surely growing into an art and reflection platform.

Joachim David

ICT & troubleshooting

Joachim is a civil engineer at the University of Ghent and believes in the power of images and music in our lives. He is convinced that DAVID vzw deserves a unique place in Ghent’s booming cultural scene. Joachim is DAVID vzw’s IT guy, last-minute problem solver and handyman. He wants to continue to participate, think and contribute to this exciting alternative art initiative.

Magali Deplanter


Vicky Derweduwen

Translator and multipurpose employee

Vicky started working as a volunteer for DAVID vzw in March 2011. In the beginning, she took care of the communication with the hospitals for the I AM HEARD workshops. Vicky works as a Flemish sign language interpreter and as an administrator at Ghent University. Within DAVID vzw, Vicky enthusiastically helps with translations, transport, construction of exhibitions and public recruitment.

Pascal Mortier


Pascal has been leading DAVID vzw since the launch of the I AM HURT project. In everyday life, Pascal is a work-related accidents lawyer, an avid art collector and a volunteer with Verkeersslachtoffers vzw, a non-profit organisation that focuses on helping the victims of traffic accidents. His love for art and his passion to help road accident victims come together in the project I AM HURT, for which DAVID vzw can count on his critical input.

Katrien Rosiers

Production assistant

Katrien Rosiers was born in Mechelen in 1985. In 2009 she obtained an art bachelor at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Since her graduation, she has remained active in the art sector. Right now, she is completing a woodworking training that she combines with her job as a production assistant at DAVID vzw. With Astrid, she’s working on the expansion of the DAVID Store team.

Katrijn Van Heddeghem


Valesca Van Velzen


Valesca has chronic back problems and is still rehabilitating. To her, the I AM HURT project is a beautiful and innovative initiative in health care. Being part of DAVID vzw is very satisfactory to Valesca because of the contact with other volunteers, artists and audiences. Her experience as a volunteer has resulted in a new job as an organizer.

Trui Verhasselt

Workshop facilitator

Trui is a body-oriented Gestalt therapist. Through inner images, visual language and the body itself she triggers an internal process that leads to personal growth and a more intense contact with yourself. During the 2011 meeting, Trui gave a lecture about the power of images. Right now, Trui’s setting up the I AM HURT / I AM HEARD workshops in the Ghent-based hospital AZ Maria Middelares.

Patricia Vroman


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